Elite Vacuum Cleaners

The essence of a fully effective vacuum cleaner is that it has sufficient suction power to lift dust and dirt from a surface and then a process which traps it inside the machine rather than exhausting microscopic particles. 

Such particles will float around in the air and later settle back down on the very areas just vacuumed, as well as on window ledges, furniture, whiteware etc. We want to suck dirty air into the vac and with world-leading filtration technology, exhaust only clean air back out, therefore not only cleaning our floors but the air we breathe as well. Such vacuum cleaners will be more expensive that’s true, but for the discerning customer, the extra cost can be justified by the results.

The new range of ‘NILFISK ELITE’ is at the forefront of top-end vacuum cleaners, using HEPA-Tight H14 filtration, probably unique in our market.