About Waterblasters

We want to make it easier and a little quieter to clean...

The name Nilfisk and the blue colour is your guaranty for quality product. Produced without compromised to suit your cleaning need.

The Nilfisk range offers machines for every type of cleaning tasks around the house. From the Compact range for house owners who want the basic machine for once in a while cleaning, to the Pro range that can cope with semi professional tasks.

Which is the right choice for you...?
Product Range
The pressure range is designed for you and for anyone who is excited by flexibilty, revolutionary wall mountings, hose reels, pressure regulated nozzles, individual water controls and integration between high pressure outlets and hose reels.

Our range is devided in 3 product groups
The COMPACT Range is the perfect choice if you need a handy machine for the most common cleaning tasks. The C 120 models are robust and efficient machines with a performance of 120 PSI. Perfect for smaller households and vehicle cleaning. All machines in the Compact series are fitted with snap coupling between hose and handle, plus the Click&Clean nozzle concept, for quick change between various accessories.The upright design and the wide wheels make these machines highly mobile. Furthermore, they can be stored on the wall with a special wall hook to save space. This Compact range is perfect as a first washer or as a complement to a more advanced machine.

The EXCELLENT range is the mid range. A robust series ideal for slightly more advanced jobs. The highl level of performance of 130 or 140 bar gives sufficient power to take care of even ingrained dirt on all sizes of surfaces.  Upright design and integrated chassis make it easier to move around. Using the special wall bracket, they can also be hung-up on a wall and used as a stationary washers. High flexibility and ergonomic design combined with excellent performance and practical features, give you a powerful pressure washer that solves all cleaning tasks around the house as well as your vehicle!

The PRO range is the premium range of Nilfisk pressure washers. Working at pressures of 150 or 160 bar, dirt is quickly removed, no matter how hard it is caked on. For maximum effect and safety, the Pro models also have steel-reinforced hoses, stainless steel pistons, brass cylinder head and very robust deign. Ergonomics and comfort in a powerful design with outstanding peformace, suitable for larger cleaning tasks round the house and for semi-professional tasks. To ensure extra strength and security, the Pro machines are equiped with Superflex - steel armed hoses, brass cylinder head and metal pump.